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Kayla Williamson, right, and Kayley Perry both attempt to field a ground ball. Williamson recovers the ball and attempts to make the out at first. Haley Damron gets tagged out at home plate. Advertisements

Junior Haley Damron

Kayla Williamson attempts to tag a Gallatin County runner out at second base.

Sophomore Meagan Aull makes a throw in from the outfield. Freshman Brittany Cervantes throws a runner out at first from third base. Sophomore Annie Rowlands

One of the first things I have wanted to do since I got my long lens is go to a Pres softball game, my alma mater.  I played second base for the team when I was in high school, and I wanted to go back and take some pictures.  Unfortunately, I can’t exactly say that […]

Sorry folks for taking so long to update my site.  I know that it has been a while since there have been new pictures or really any word on what is going on in my life and for that I apologize (but hey, at least I warned you ahead of time!). My family and Greg’s […]

Sophomore outfielder Destinee Mordecai gets some advice from head coach Rachel Lawson Senior outfielder Audrey Meyer (4) Sophomore pitcher Amber Matousek (1)   This photo appeared in the Kernel.  The game ended on this catch by freshman outfielder Meagan Aull (10).  The first photo is the original photo and the second is the one I cropped.  […]