Yhazzy Bright, 3, holds up his green covered hands after he finishes dying his Easter egg.

Jenaette Montgomery tries her best to catch as much cash and coupons as she can during her trip to the cash cube.

Abby Louden, 4, takes a trip down the inflatable slide.

Kids compete in the 3-legged race during Easter on the Square.

Children in the 0-5-year-old division scramble for Easter eggs.


Senior Priya Patel, No. 1 singles

Kayla Williamson attempts to tag a Gallatin County runner out at second base.

Freshman Josh McCarty, No. 2 singles

Eighth grader Raven Powers, No. 3 singles

Junior Kyndal Curry jumps for the tip-off.

Curry shoots a 3-pointer.

Senior Sarah Osborne shoots a jumper over an outreached Gallatin County defender.

Sophomore Hannah Devine makes her move in the low post.

Junior Kyndal Curry attempts to avoid a block before putting up her shot.