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At last, finals week is here!!!  While this does mean stress, tests, stress and papers, it also means the end of another semester and time for a break!  And I am ready for the break!  I am really excited about the summer because it means I will be returning to my job/internship at Six Flags- to my friends and to a […]

This was my very first football experience as a photog! I went to UK’s spring football practice to take pictures and to watch the scrimmage game that would take place after the initial drills. I got up at 8 a.m. for the 9:40 practice (early for a Saturday morning!), borrowed Brad’s 70-200 and headed out […]

I really have to thank Greg (and Ed) for this one. Initially, when Ed called me about this assignment, I turned it down because I had class during that time. When I hung up, Greg told me that I needed to call him back immediately and tell him that I would shoot it because this […]

UK v. SC


This was my first full UK softball game, both to watch and to photograph. As a former softball player, I really wish that I would have come to a game before now. I kept meaning to, but it was just one of those things. While I took a few softball pictures a couple of weeks […]

Sorry it has taken me so long to update. But the good news is I have been shooting a lot, so there will be a whole lot more pictures to come! This was my first time attending Take Back the Night, an event sponsored by the VIP Center to raise awareness and put an end […]

England Part II


My crazy week is finally coming to a close. However, I still have one test left and a photo assignment tonight.  Also,at some point in the last two days I finally reached 1,000 hits!  Yay!!! Here are the rest of my England pictures. Enjoy! Please Comment!!! 🙂

England Part I


What you have all been waiting for… Spring Break in England pictures!!! Sorry for the wait, but things have been really hectic lately… actually they still are, but I really wanted to get these up here. I will go back and caption later, but right now I simply don’t have the time. Please keep in […]