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1/46th Infantry Delta Co. cadets graduate from the Leaders Training Course. LTC Commander Col. Jay Dymek addresses the cadets during the graduation ceremony. Advertisements

Family Day


On a rainy Wednesday, the day before graduation, cadets are reunited with their family members.

Cadet Hank DeMott says goodbye to chaplain candidate Lt. Momo. SSG Mark Taylor oversees mail delivery in the barracks.



Similar to the STX lanes, cadets planned and executed attacks on MOUT cadre in the fictional town of Karjackistan, set up to resemble Iraq and Afghanistan. My favorite lane to shoot, by far, was the marketplace. Here, cadre dressed up as citizens selling their goods in the marketplace. The cadets’ objective was to find their […]



Cadets took their combat skills to the woods where they planned and executed attacks with paintball guns against the STX lane cadre. Photos are property of the U.S. Army PAO and Kristin Sherrard.

PT Test


The biggest thing I learned from the PT Test: Times change. The test was scheduled to start at 5:30, but at a different location rather than the drill pad. So, I decided that I would get there when the cadets woke up to make sure I didn’t miss them. I got to the barracks around […]

Squad Tactics


Squad tactics was one of the more exciting things to shoot. Cadets began the day learning how to high and low crawl in the dirt. While it would have been awesome for there to have been a huge mud pit instead of the dry dirt, that may have meant I would have had to deal […]