2009 Blue v. White game


As the 2009 season approaches, I realized that I never posted my photos from the Blue/White scrimmage. Feel free to peruse these. I don’t know when I will get the opportunity to shoot at Commonwealth again. Hopefully soon!

04_25_09 Blue vs White_NB4F7412

UK Head Coach Rich Brooks talking to someone on the sidelines before the scrimmage.

04_25_09 Blue vs White_NB4F7416

Kyrus Lanxter attempts to catch a pass in the first half.

04_25_09 Blue vs White_NB4F7442

Randall Cobb celebrates after scoring a touchdown.

04_25_09 Blue vs White_NB4F7530

CoShik Williams runs the ball against the White team defense.

04_25_09 Blue vs White_NB4F7541

Mike Hartline attempts a pass against the Blue team defense.

04_25_09 Blue vs White_NB4F7623

Alfonso Smith breaks away from the defense.

04_25_09 Blue vs White_NB4F7692

Hartline fumbles the ball in the second half of the scrimmage.


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