PT Test


The biggest thing I learned from the PT Test: Times change.

The test was scheduled to start at 5:30, but at a different location rather than the drill pad. So, I decided that I would get there when the cadets woke up to make sure I didn’t miss them. I got to the barracks around 4:45… and found out that the test had been moved back to 6:30. Awesome.

Anyway, I’m glad that I went and shot the test at the later time because there was obviously more light than the first 3 or 4 times I came out.

07_15_09 PT_8.5_8155

07_15_09 PT_9_IMG_8158

07_15_09 PT_T_NB4F8192


07_15_09 PT_29_NB4F8273

07_15_09 PT_40_8358

Photos are property of the U.S. Army PAO and Kristin Sherrard.


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