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This was an exciting day. Not only did I get to photograph my cadets conquering their fears, but I got to conquer some of my own – another  battle against heights. I had the opportunity to rappel twice, once with the skid and once without. It was amazing!! Photos are property of the U.S. Army […]

Heavy Weapons


Cadets are introduced to heavy weapon machinery. While they do not receive live training, they learn how to load and unload the weapons. Photos are property of the U.S. Army PAO and Kristin Sherrard.

Land Navigation


Cadets take the skills the learned in the classroom and apply them in the field. Before their assessment, the cadets are paired up and search the terrain for at least four out of their five listed markers before time runs out. The practice test takes place during both the day and the night. For their […]

The cadets spent the day in class learning how to read a map, use an azimuth, and conduct a pace count while they are out at the land navigation site. Photos are property of the U.S. Army PAO and Kristin Sherrard.

Stream Crossing


At this training site, cadets learn how to tie a variety of knots, as well as how to successfully cross a stream with a two-rope and three-rope bridge.  Squads also compete to see who can construct a one-rope bridge the fastest and get all of their teammates across.  The winning squad competes against their cadre […]

Combat water survival training takes place at the Gammon Pool.  Here, cadets must go through a series of stations.  They must tread water for 5 mins, swim 15m with a M-16 rifle and vest, step off the high dive blindfolded with the rifle and vest, jump into the pool and remove the rifle and vest, […]

The team development course is a series of team-building exercises that take place in the first few days of the cadets’ arrival.  There are five stations, and the squads must maneuver themselves, their teammates, and either a canister of ammunition or a barrel of “oil” from one side to the other using different length boards. […]