Memorial Day at Zachary Taylor National Cemetery


Memorial Day: A day to celebrate the lives of those who served and died for our country…and a good opportunity to take pictures. I wanted to go to one of the events that were being held around the city, but alas, I had to work since it was my first day back from vacation. So, that evening, my dad and I went out to Zachary Taylor to take pictures of all the flags on the graves. A quick scan of the pictures will show that there are no people in them, aside from the people walking in one of them. I was prepared to go up to someone and ask who they were there to remember, however there really wasn’t anybody there. There were two families with little kids there, but they were having a playtime/get together thing…kinda odd for a cemetery I thought but whatever floats your boat. Anywho, I know that I need to continue to improve my in person communication skills (aka going up to people and asking if I can take their picture, especially in awkward situations) and I will. I will.

Anyways, hope you like the pictures. Comments appreciated as always!


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