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This was definitely one of the more entertaining events I attended for the year! The 13th annual Pi-Athlon was co-sponsored by Alpha Omega Pi sorority and Phi Kappa Tau fraternity, benefiting arthritis research and children with terminal illnesses. Also, both photos made CP the next day so that was exciting! Photos property of the Kentucky […]

At last, finals week is here!!!  While this does mean stress, tests, stress and papers, it also means the end of another semester and time for a break!  And I am ready for the break!  I am really excited about the summer because it means I will be returning to my job/internship at Six Flags- to my friends and to a […]

UK’s Shaolin-Do Karate Club is an official student organization that meets on Tuesday and Thursday nights in the Alumni Gym. It is the second oldest martial arts club on campus. This was a feature assignment on April 8, which unfortunately did not make it into the paper. However, I will definitely be going back at […]

These photos were shot for my assignment on the track and field athletes who are training for the Olympic trials. Because of this, they are property of The Kentuckian and myself. Grant Lindsey, freshman Jose Acevedo, junior Rashaud Scott, junior Ashley Muffet, junior

The Beaux Arts ball is, apparently, a huge deal around here. It is basically a huge costume/dress crazy dance party that happens once a year, and the proceeds benefit a charity of some sorts. I have never gone before, but I hear it is pretty insane. My friend Leah went, and here are some pictures […]

We interrupt this non-regularly scheduled (but at least in order) posting for a special announcement: I made center piece today with two photos and an article!!! 🙂  This is the first time that I have done double-duty with photo and a little writing.  It was exciting to see, so I just wanted to let you […]