Unassigned Feature-Hunting


It was such a nice day on Thursday that I decided to do some unassigned feature-hunting. I didn’t think they would need the photos since UK played their NCAA tournament game that day, but I figured if I got some good ideas when it was nice outside, it would be easier for me to find them again when the weather was bad and I didn’t necessarily want to be out in it as long.

3.20.08 Features

Bryant Cary, freshman pre-pharamacy

3.20.08 Features1

Paula Galama, left, and Seunghee Lee, right. Both are in the doctorate program for piano performance.

This photo below is my latest attempt to get a good silhouette of someone on the bridge to the parking garage. I like this one better than the first successful try, although I did like the sunset in the first one…Sunset/Ramp I like the sun coming through the tree on the left, but I wish there were some pretty clouds in the sky.

3.20.08 Features2

John Simmons, a senior engineering major3.20.08 Features3

George Blandford, a civil engineering professor


One Response to “Unassigned Feature-Hunting”

  1. Kristin,
    I like what you’re seeing. You notice your foreground and make every attempt to use it to your advantage. If you keep working this you will find what you like.

    Feature hunting is tough, and foreground is one way to make it a bit better.

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