The Indicators


Last night, Emily and I went to the Cat’s Den to cover The Indicators, a comedy improv group from the University of Louisville. Ross Duncliffe, who I think started Comedy Caravan when he was at UK, was the opening act. This picture almost made it into the Kernel today, but as the secondary picture, it got cut because of lack of space. However, it is still the property of the Kernel, so don’t take it.

3.19.08 Ross Duncliffe

The Indicators were great! Ed called about half way through the show to tell us to come back to the Kernel, but we didn’t want to leave! I hope they come back to UK soon because I will definitely make a point to come.

3.19.08 The Indicators

Neil Mulac

3.19.08 The Indicators1

Alaine Livingston, left, Mulac, center, and James Isaac, right

3.19.08 The Indicators23.19.08 The Indicators33.19.08 The Indicators4


One Response to “The Indicators”

  1. Hey, thanks for the great write-up! We really appreciate the positive press about our group. Im sure we will be performing at the Cat’s Den many more times.

    James Isaac of the Indicators

    p.s. my last name was spelled wrong in the article, no big deal! just thought you should know for future amazing articles about the Indicators!

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