Bridget Gray


Bridget Gray, a poet who has been featured on Def Poetry Jam, came to perform at Memorial Hall last Tuesday Feb. 26. Gray has also appeared in movies, television and music videos, which has inspired some of her work.

I feel like I got some good moments to try and show the emotion and power of her poetry. This was one of those events where I probably wouldn’t have gone if it hadn’t been assigned, but I was really glad that I did because I enjoyed it. Let me know which ones work and which ones don’t.

2.26.08 Bridget Gray2.26.08 Bridget Gray12.26.08 Bridget Gray22.26.08 Bridget Gray32.26.08 Bridget Gray42.26.08 Bridget Gray052.26.08 Bridget Gray6


3 Responses to “Bridget Gray”

  1. I LOVE this set of photos. Nice profiles and clear face shots. I really like how you were able to get multiple perspectives.

    See you tomorrow!!

  2. 2 toppcat0509

    Ugh, I didn’t notice that… I was trying to cut out the glowing green exit sign…

  3. 3 emicoo

    I love the second picture… only you cut off her hand! ;_;

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