Three Different Cities, Three Different Counties


On Saturday, Greg and I embarked on another “Explore and Photograph Kentucky” adventure! That’s not its official title, but it might be in the future. I’ll have to talk to Greg… hmm…

Anyway, Saturday morning we visited Paris, Ky. Many pictures were taken, but here are the highlights:2.09.08 Paris 2

I really liked this picture, and it turned out better than I thought it would. My only complaint is that the flag is backwards, which I know is unpatriotic. Sorry about that, but when I went to the other side, not only was I about to fall down into a bush, but the sun was directly in front of me. The eagle was on top of a gate next to a museum that we wanted to visit, but it was closed until noon. (Edit: Now that I look at it again, the bottom of the flag is cut off and there is a power line in the bottom corner… how detrimental is this to the picture? Anyone?)2.09.08 Paris KY

I just thought this was neat because it reminded me of the show “American Dreams,” which was supposed to have taken place in the 1960s. The father of the family owned a television store.

2.09.08 Paris 1

After Paris, we raced back to Lexington to watch the Wildcats beat the Crimson Tide in Rupp Arena. Go Cats!!! 2.09.08 Wilmore

Our last stop was Wilmore, Ky. We had been there once before, but only for a drive through. I couldn’t resist taking this picture, especially right after a basketball game! 2.09.08 Wilmore 2

I took a few pictures around the main drag, which is where I saw this statue. Once again, the backwards flag seemed to plague me all day, but there were trees on the other side that I couldn’t shoot through. Oh well…2.09.08 Wilmore 1

We also spent a good chunk of time on the Asbury College campus, which definitely makes up a good bit of the town. The first picture was of the recreational facility on campus. When we drove over there, people were getting into their cars to leave, so there must have been a basketball game or some other sporting event. I wish we could have gotten there earlier and gone to a game! Who knows, they may have been playing Hanover College, which could have been my alma mater if the coin had flipped the other way!

There was also a train caboose located behind the police station. It said it was open on Saturdays from 10-12, so I guess they give some sort of informational tour about the train or maybe the train tracks that ran through the town.2.09.08 Wilmore 3

Overall, it was a great day! Going on these trips is always a triple-sided benefit because 1) I love taking pictures! 2) Greg loves studying and learning about the state of Kentucky (and I always like learning something new too) 3) (the awwww factor) I get to spend the day with my boyfriend, which doesn’t get to happen very often.2.09.08 Wilmore 4


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