After the Storm…


Yesterday, I really felt like a photographer.

I was eating lunch in my room when Ed called and wanted me to go take “destruction pictures” around campus. Since I had a class soon in B&E, I headed over to Memorial Hall to take some quick pictures. There was a tree struck down right in front of the building and a lot of other debris on the ground.2.06.08 Storm 2

There was also a tree down next to B&E, pictured below.2.06.08 Storm 3

As I was about to go into the building, I saw Alan Rohrer with UK Grounds and Landscaping working on a tree that had fallen near the B&E ramp. 2.06.08 Storm 4

After class, I brought my pictures into the Kernel. While there, Keith asked if I would go out to the Good Barn where a steam pipe had burst. So I hiked over to South Campus, the whole way wishing I knew how to ride a bike. Here is my best picture of the incident:

2.06.08 Pipe

Later on that evening, Ed called again to see if I would take pictures of the SG meeting, where students were expected to sit-in, protesting SG President Nick Phelps and the email he forwarded regarding Barack Obama and the Islamic faith. That meeting really made me wish I had a longer lens because I did not get any good shots.

Three assignments in one day. Definitely a record for me. However, disappointment came this morning when I found that none of my pictures had made it into the Kernel. I guess that’s just how it goes sometimes…


3 Responses to “After the Storm…”

  1. 1 captureamoment

    Everything they said, i concur. Sometimes it just takes awhile. YOu are gettting good fast, and i love your steam pipe photo. sometimes its hard when you dont get published, but the fact that you shot so much, and made so much improvement in one day is worth more than $8.50 and a byline. ❤

  2. Just like Em said, don’t get discouraged.

    In the past few months, you’ve gone from being just a writer to being a photographer with real talent. You are starting to see the world differently and it’s showing in your pictures. The steam picture, the very last one, is great evidence of that. Keep it up! Post more pictures!

  3. 3 emicoo

    Don’t get discouraged. I always shoot with the intent of posting to my blog. I really don’t care if my shit makes it into the Kernel anymore, I just want it up on my blog where my family and friends can see it.
    That mentality has really helped me. My first 3450329468 didn’t make it into the Kernel, so just keep at it!

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