A Friday Afternoon in Midway


Sorry this is coming so late…

Last Friday, Greg and I spent Friday afternoon exploring Midway, Ky. Our first stop was Midway College, Kentucky’s only all-female college. Here is where we saw, pretty much, our only sign of human life. Besides a few people stopping off at the post office and the random passing car, these three Midway College workers were the only people around town on a brisk Friday afternoon. Here, one worker watches his two companions cut down tree limbs.

Midway College Workers

While on campus, we walked over to their equestrian center in hopes of being able to take some pictures there. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find anyone to talk to, so we hung out with the horses for a bit.

First horse through fence
Unfortunately, this next picture was directly into the sun…

First horse

The second horse…Second Horse

We spent the rest of our time just driving around town. Here are some more Midway pictures.Midway Water TowerMidway Bldg Midway Railroad TracksMidway Flag

Our last stop in Midway was to a cafe where we met Autumn, who was also there taking pictures and working on a project.

Midway ChocolateMidway Caramel

On our way back home, we stopped at the Weisenberger Mill, where we picked up some Raspberry Muffin mix and took some more pictures!WeisenbergerWeisenberger Tree

Overall, a great day in Midway, not really for “photojournalism” pictures, but for practicing with my camera and getting “structural, artsy-ish” shots.


2 Responses to “A Friday Afternoon in Midway”

  1. 1 iriepj

    Awesome awesome awesome. I’m really glad to see you getting out and about and making some frames. Congrats on getting published too, you’re well on the way at this point, and if you keep shooting like this you are going to be a very solid photographer.

    So, anyway, congrats – and I’m really proud of you for picking up your camera and getting out there and really shooting – the pictures look good.


  2. 2 emicoo

    My favorites are the shots of the food at the cafe.

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