Kernel Photo/Random Pics


Here it is! My first published photo!!!Dems and Repubs

This photo is the property of the Kentucky Kernel and Kristin Sherrard. If you are interested in purchasing a print of any of my photographs, please contact me at

Below are a couple photos I took on Monday on my way back to campus.

Sunset 1.21.08

Van 1.21.08

This is the vehicle that is parked two cars down from me in K-Lot. I couldn’t resist taking a picture!

I took these two pictures today on my way home from classes this afternoon.
Tree and Sky Snow Covered Glove


3 Responses to “Kernel Photo/Random Pics”

  1. that bus is awesome! I am mad jealous of the Uk student who drives it, for sure.

  2. Ok, so I have to know where that mill is because I am a huge lover of small, intimate coffee shops like that. yummy! Also…I vote that you have the prettiest blog out of all of us!!! How in the world did you make it?!?!

  3. 3 emicoo

    I love that bus.

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