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Sorry this is coming so late… Last Friday, Greg and I spent Friday afternoon exploring Midway, Ky. Our first stop was Midway College, Kentucky’s only all-female college. Here is where we saw, pretty much, our only sign of human life. Besides a few people stopping off at the post office and the random passing car, […]

Here it is! My first published photo!!! This photo is the property of the Kentucky Kernel and Kristin Sherrard. If you are interested in purchasing a print of any of my photographs, please contact me at Below are a couple photos I took on Monday on my way back to campus. This is the […]

Spring 2008


New Year’s Resolutions are overrated. Photo-wise, I have been doing much better updating my blog and getting out there and taking pictures. However, writing and actually updating my blog on college life has taken a backseat. I will try my best to be more consistent, especially since the whole reason this blog came about was […]

Yesterday was a great day!!! Not only did UK upset #3 Tennessee in Rupp Arena (while I cheered them on from lower level row C with Greg), but I received my first photo assignment for the Kernel!!! Ed called me last night and asked if I could cover the College Democrats/Republicans discussion at the Student […]



YAY!!!! I finally have a photo program, and I have learned how to make my photos smaller, so no more links! 🙂 Here are some of the pictures I took during my first outing with UKPJ. I think they turned out pretty good… let me know what you think, ESPECIALLY if the photo is of […]

Bouncing Back


“Burning desire to be or do something gives us staying power – a reason to get up every morning or to pick ourselves up and start in again after a disappointment.” -Marsha Sinetar As I mentioned in the last post, Christmas vacation ultimately became a disappointment (from a photography standpoint), especially after I looked at […]

A Semi-Update


First of all, did I mention the fact that my New Year’s Resolutions do not officially go into effect until I return to school AND my computer is fixed??? Second, special thanks to Brad and Dariush for their VERY kind words about me. I will try my best not to let them or the rest […]