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First of all, I would just like to acknowledge how big of a slacker I have been lately with this blog. I am very sorry, but I promise to be more consistent and not to forget about my “7th class” as I prepare for these last grueling days before Christmas break… After waiting… and waiting… […]

Today is the day that I have been dreading for about the last week or so: The Communications Internship Fair.   Why?  Because today I have an interview with The University Press for a possible internship next semester.  So, why am I dreading it?  This is a great opportunity, I should be looking forward to it… not so […]

I wish. Another busy week in the life of a college student.  Two tests, a project to work on, an article for the Kernel, and an interview for an internship…  INTERVIEW?!?! Yes, as I have mentioned before, the interview for The University Press internship is coming up on Thursday.  And I don’t even have time […]

The current all-consuming “hot topic” in my life is cameras. How much do I want to spend? Where am I going to get it? What lenses do I need? And the ultimate concern: I can’t decide what kind to get!!! What if I make the wrong decision??? I have talked to a number of friends/ […]

“Dream Job”


For Journalism 101, we are required to research and write about our “dream job.” Three interviews are required, and if we do not currently have a “dream job,” then we are to use these interviews as a way to explore different career options. This assignment was definitely for me! For my three “dream jobs” I […]