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This semester, I enrolled in the Honors Program’s “Journal/Journey Project,” which basically means that I keep a journal throughout the year and comment on…basically my life.  There aren’t really rules, per se, but I am not supposed to make the journal extremely personal, like a “dear diary” or anything like that!  So, since I tend […]

So, on Saturday night September 15, 2007, there was this little football game being played. No it wasn’t USC v. Nebraska. Nope, not Florida v. Tennessee. Notre Dame v. Michigan? Nope, not that game either. Oh yeah, Kentucky and Louisville were playing too weren’t they? Isn’t that just a basketball rivalry? In the past, yes, […]

“Rats!  No one ever sends me a Christmas card…” Sorry, just had to start off with a quote!  Well, this is my first blog ever, and honestly, I’m not really sure why I started it.  I don’t have a lot of spare time, and I don’t really have all that much interesting to say, but […]